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Web Credits

Credits for running the Museum click here.

The Web Site project is managed by Kevin Flude, and updated by Kevin Flude. Valentina Lari and Kirsty Chilton. . The overall design was created by Chris Sanson of Highway 57. Individual pages were created by Kevin Flude using Chris's design and any deviation from Chris's clarity of design and uniformity of design element is purely Kevin's fault.

The wonderful panoramic views were created by Stewart Franey.

Text in the Web site is largely the work Museum staff past and present. In particular, some of the work derives from work done jointly by Kevin Flude and Paul Herbert.

This site is made much better by the use of various free resources that are available on the web. These include:

Various professional packages were used by the contributors to make this site but it could have been completely done with good quality freeware and shareware. In general there are a host of wonderful resources out there on the web. Search and you'll find a free, or nearly free, version of it! Another place to look for free internet resources are:

Open Source

The Web Site was paid for partly by grants from the London Museums Agency and the DfEE without which little of this would have been possible.



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